Medford Memorial Community Center

Medford NJ


The Medford Memorial Community Center was purchased in 1945 by a group of civic minded persons who felt the need for a Community Center in Medford Township. Funds were raised by donations and by the issuing of shares of “ownership”. Donations and purchasing shares of “ownership” are still available today.

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The cost of a share is $10.00 and a certificate is issued with your name and donation to the Community Center. The term “ownership” is used to signify that you have participated in the continuing upkeep of the beautiful building that we use today. The building was built by Caleb and Benjamin Shreeve in 1835 on ground formally owned by Samuel Jones and his descendants. The building was constructed in three sections. All three sections were completed in 1860. The Library was renovated in the Victorian style in the 1900’s and again 1950’s.

The Library was originally constructed without the use of screws or nails. There was a key panel that locked the wood in place. At the time of renovating the room for electricity and heat, that key panel could not be located and so the panels were placed together with screws and nails. The wood is walnut and adorns the entire room, walls, and ceiling. Initials of the Shreeve family are located in the stained glass windows of the Library on either side of the fireplace.